Bassam Al-Sabah



Wandering, Wandering With a Sun on my Back

Illusions of Love Dyed by Sunset

Fenced Within the Silent Cold Walls

The dust carried me into the watchful summer

Swords don’t exist in nature

Soon after came the drums

Faces in the crowd















Fenced Within the Silent Cold Walls (HD film, 12:29, 2017) is a digital recreation of the artist’s former home in Iraq, which his family cannot return to. As the film moves through the house, digital images begin to escape from the forgotten TV and computer screens and materialise into living forms at turns alluringly captivating and menacing. This work is preoccupied with a kind of chronological incoherence and defined by a nostalgia for lost futures.



Solo exhibition at The Lab, March-June 2018

Essay by Lívia Páldi.


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