Bassam Al-Sabah



Wandering, Wandering With a Sun on my Back

Illusions of Love Dyed by Sunset

Fenced Within the Silent Cold Walls

The dust carried me into the watchful summer

Swords don’t exist in nature

Soon after came the drums

Faces in the crowd


















Solo exhibition at The Lab, March-June 2018

The work within the exhibition grapples with the broadcasted image, taking reference from Arabic dubbed Japanese anime series, which were broadcast across the Middle East from the 1980s onwards and were a staple backdrop to the artist’s childhood in Iraq. Tackling themes of revolution, war and exile, the works consider the influence and agendas of these Japanese anime on Arab popular culture. The distance of time and geography allows for a new investigation of the impact of these cartoons and the work projects political meaning onto these cartoons, which have connected with multiple generations of now adult Arabs.

Essay by Lívia Páldi.


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