Bassam Al-Sabah



Wandering, Wandering With a Sun on my Back

Illusions of Love Dyed by Sunset

Fenced Within the Silent Cold Walls

The dust carried me into the watchful summer

Swords don’t exist in nature

Soon after came the drums

Faces in the crowd


















"The dust carried me into the watchful summer" is the result of a year long residency in the RHA as part of the Graduate Studio Award. The work shown reflects on the broadcasting of violence and its ramifications within society. The work is concerned with how the past is continually reviewed to meet the present, when the juvenile make-believe disrupts the reality of adulthood.

A dismembered cartoon character sits on a rug, above him a crowd of videos play simultaneously. Animated sequences which are candy coloured and display violence without consequence are juxtaposed against found footage of news footage of war. The videos run somewhere between innocence and violence.

Installation at Eight, Dublin, September 2017.

Multi-media installation comprising of video, painting, sculpture and printed matter.